Will Wagner-Ertz

Education and Professional Background:

    Bachelor of Science Degree in Forestry from Iowa State University.

Professional Experience

    Various seasonal jobs in IA, MT, AR, PA, WY, OR, MI

    Forester/Natural Resource Specialist – Oregon Department of Forestry

    Soil Conservationist – Natural Resources Conservation Service

Employed with DMCC since October 2020

Why did you choose this particular line of work?

In a word – Legacy.  I want to make a meaningful difference in our community (and beyond) over the course of my career.  Due to our reliance on high quality natural resources, the incredible need for conservation/sustainability, and the grand scale/timeline on which natural resources exist, the field of natural resource management far-and-away provides the best opportunity to maximize my impact and legacy.  

What do you like most about your job?

The community I serve.  I was born and raised in Burlington; this community is and always will be home.  Being able to provide and improve enduring natural areas, ecosystem services, and recreation opportunities for my family, friends, and neighbors is a dream come true. 

Will Wagner-Ertz photo

Will Wagner-Ertz

Natural Resource Manager

Office: (319) 753-8260

Mobile: (319) 572-6865