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Big Hollow Range Refresher Course Exam

  1. 1. I understand that the brown building between the 50 and 100 yard ranges is where I must sign in and out of the range and that it houses a fire extinguisher and first aid kid should I need one.*

  2. 2. I understand that the range hours of operation are sunrise to one-half hour before sunset.*

  3. 3. I understand that I may bring, and am responsible for, one guest per range visit and that repeat guests should be encouraged to get their own membership.*

  4. 4. I understand that the 25 yard range is the only range on which I may only shoot from positions in front of the covered shooting bay.*

  5. 5. I know what number(s) to call to report rule violations or to notify staff of maintenance needs at the range. *

  6. 6. I know that only legal firearms and legal (non-incendiary) ammo, legally possessed, are allowed on the ranges and that there are restrictions on the types of firearms that may be used on the 300 meter range.*

  7. 7. I know and will abide by the Four Fundamental Rules of Firearm Safety.

  8. 8. I understand that by submitting this form, I agree without reservation to abide by all safety and operating rules and regulations of the Des Moines County Conservation Shooting Range located at Big Hollow Recreation Area. I also hereby waive, relieve, and absolve Des Moines County Conservation and its employees, agents, assignees, directors, and all other duly authorized representatives thereof, of any and all liability whatsoever, including all claims, demands, and causes of action of every nature affecting the undersigned and their children or wards which any of them may have or ever have in connection with the shooting range facility.*

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