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Big Hollow Shooting Range Online Course Exam

  1. 1. The three levels of shooting range membership are:
  2. 2. Spouses may each serve as cardholders for the same membership as long as:
  3. 3. To renew your Big Hollow Shooting Range membership annually, within 90 days of your expiration date, you need to:
  4. 4. When transporting a firearm, it should be:
  5. 5. Big Hollow’s address is in what city?
  6. 6. Hunting is allowed at Big Hollow.
  7. 7. Which range(s) at Big Hollow are measured in yards? (Check all that apply)
  8. 8. On what range(s) may you move forward and shoot from in front of the covered firing shelter? (Check all that apply)
  9. 9. What type(s) of firearms may be used on the 300 meter range? (Check all that apply)
  10. 10. Prior to using the range, you should...(check all that apply)
  11. 11. All bullets fired on the range must impact...
  12. 12. The acting Range Officer at the Big Hollow Shooting Range does which of the following?
  13. 13. The acting Range Officer on any range at the Big Hollow Shooting Complex is generally:
  14. 14. What does it mean when a range is “hot”?
  15. 15. What does it mean when a range is “cold”?
  16. 16. On hearing the command “Cease Firing” you should
  17. 17. Who may call a “cease fire” on the range?
  18. 18. It is okay for a firearm to be loaded while others are downrange as long as it isn't being handled.
  19. 19. It is every shooter's responsibility to ensure the safe use and continued operation of the range by:
  20. 20. Which of the following does NOT represent safe gun handling and use at the range?
  21. 21. Anyone on the range may ask to see another shooter's certification card.
  22. 22. Range members may bring how many guests per range visit?
  23. 23. Who must sign in/out of the ranges using the forms provided in the brown building near the 50 yard range?
  24. 24. When should the action of a firearm on the range be CLOSED?
  25. 25. Who must wear eye and ear protection at the range?
  26. 26. To help keep the range clean, you should do what before you leave the range?
  27. 27. It is legal to shoot clay birds at the Big Hollow Shooting Range.
  28. 28. To shoot at shorter distances, you may set target frames closer to the firing line.
  29. 29. When there are a lot of people wanting to use the range at the same time, you should limit your shooting to how long?
  30. 30. Individuals found to be intentionally or unintentionally shooting over berms will be prosecuted under what State of Iowa Code Section?
  31. 31. Which of the following will help minimize risks associated with lead exposure?
  32. 32. Maintenance and improvements at the shooting range are made possible by:
  33. 33. In the course video, what specific example was used to emphasize the importance of always using the proper ammunition?
  34. 34. What should you do if you pull the trigger on a loaded firearm and the round does not fire?
  35. 35. Inexperienced shooters, or shooters with new or unfamiliar firearms should:
  36. 36. Which of the following targets are you allowed to bring and use on the range? (check all that apply)
  37. 37. If you encounter a situation that is unsafe or that violates range policies, what should you do?
  38. 38. All the safety training in the world won’t keep you or anyone safe unless you have…
  39. 39. Of these four laws of firearm safety, which is the most important?
  40. 40. The “safety” on a firearm…
  41. 8. I understand that by submitting this form, I agree without reservation to abide by all safety and operating rules and regulations of the Des Moines County Conservation Shooting Range located at Big Hollow Recreation Area. I also hereby waive, relieve, and absolve Des Moines County Conservation and its employees, agents, assignees, directors, and all other duly authorized representatives thereof, of any and all liability whatsoever, including all claims, demands, and causes of action of every nature affecting the undersigned and their children or wards which any of them may have or ever have in connection with the shooting range facility.*
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