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Des Moines County Park User Feedback

  1. We want your visit to Des Moines County Parks to be the very best it can be. We look for ways to improve our parks and ensure all visitors enjoy their stay. Your responses to this survey will help us make our parks better.

  2. 1. What park did you visit?

    Select one.

  3. 2. Please rate each of the following.

    Mark N/A for any items that did not apply to your visit.

  4. 2a. Helpfulness of the park staff

  5. 2b. Cleanliness of the grounds

  6. 2c. Availability of park information

  7. 2d. Condition of facilities

  8. 2e. Cleanliness of restroom

  9. 2f. Accessibility of park facilities

  10. 3. Overall, how satisfied were you with the quality of the services and facilities?

  11. 4. How many times have you visited this park in the past year?

  12. 5. How many miles did you drive to visit this park?

  13. 6. How many people are in your group?

    Please enter the number of adults and children (under age 18) in your group.

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