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Program Survey

  1. 3. How would you prefer to schedule classroom and field trip programs?

  2. 4. I currently allow teachers to sign up for 2 classroom programs every semester (usually 4 classroom programs/year and a field trip). However, due to high demand of classroom programs, beginning in the Fall Semester August 2017, teachers might be limited to 2 classroom visits/school year so we can reach additional classrooms. If you also schedule a field trip with us (either in the Fall or Spring semester) you would be eligible for one additional classroom visit (3 total classroom visits and field trip). How would you feel about this change?

  3. 5. I currently schedule all classroom and fieldtrip programs by phone. How would you feel about using an online system to schedule classroom and field trip programs?

  4. 6. If you could schedule as many classroom visits as you wanted, how many would you sign up for in a typical school year (This would include Fall and Spring Semesters)?

  5. 7. Would you be interested in checking out free program materials/curriculum from the Starr’s Cave Nature Center to use in your classroom?

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