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Youth Jamboree Registration

  1. 2022 Outdoor Youth Jamboree

    Come enjoy the outdoors with our 2022 Youth Jamboree! 100% free event.

    Instructor-led shooting sports (shotgun, rifle, air rifle and archery), fishing, fully guided boat tours of Big Hollow Lake, and free lunch.

    Everything is 100% free! We provide everything from the fishing poles and bait to the firearms and ammo. It truly is a whole-family event.

    Learn more:

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    By checking “I agree” on this form, I do hereby waive, relieve, and absolve the County of Des Moines, conservation department and partner organizations affiliated with this event, officers, directors, volunteers, agents, assignees, and other duly authorized personnel thereof, of any and all claims arising out of participation in the Youth Jamboree activities. I fully understand that firearms, when mishandled, can be dangerous. Further, I understand that it is incumbent upon me to use the utmost care in the exercise of firearm safety. I intend to do so, and realize that I have an affirmative duty to do so. I further waive any and all claims for any negligence, real or alleged against any member, officer, agent, or assignee of the Des Moines County Conservation department or affiliated organizations arising out of associated activities, and waive any and all claims against same for any predicament, physical, mental or social, arising out of my voluntary association with said organizations. I give my full permission to the organizers of this event to use my name and/or pictures or videos, and/or voice recordings for any publicity and promotion purposes and without compensation of any kind to myself, executors, heirs, successors, and/or assigns. I fully understand that this is a waiver of liability and by checking “I agree” in lieu of signature, I sign same of my own free will.
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