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Volunteer Management and Data Tracking

  1. Volunteer Management and Data Tracking during Covid-19

    Please fill out this form if you have preformed any volunteer activities or have reportable volunteer hours. This could be for anything such as making face masks to give away; cooking, serving, or distributing food; loading, unloading, sorting or distributing supplies, etc. NOTE: PLEASE FILL OUT HOURS AS YOU COMPLETE THEM, DON'T WAIT AND REPORT THEM ALL AT ONCE.

  2. In Federally declared disasters, FEMA can reimburse local and state governments for the costs of disaster recovery. Volunteer hours help communities recover in two ways. 1. Volunteer work helps physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 2. Volunteer hours have a dollar amount attached by the Federal Govt. to aid communities in recovering the cost of relief efforts. Please note: This "monetary reimbursement" goes back to the community. Individuals will not be paid for their hours.

  3. Please provide a specific address of where the work was done, or the location of the service.

  4. Please provide a brief description of the Volunteer work done (e.g. making face masks, food distribution, managing donations, etc.)

  5. Please indicate the total number of Volunteer Hours. If there are multiple times/dates, please add the number together and provide a total number. NOTE: Try to submit hours as you complete them, do not compile them to report all at once. Please do not report the same hours more than one time.

  6. If you have any questions, please email Cindy at DMC EMA at Thank you!

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