Duties & Responsibilities

  • The Auditor is the official custodian of the county courthouse under the direction of the Board of Supervisors
  • Responsible for account ledger records of all revenues and expenditures of the county
  • Receives claims for payment from other departments, and issues payment for these claims upon their approval by the Board of Supervisors
  • Licenses and permits relating to the sale of cigarettes, beer, and liquor at county businesses are processed by the Auditor's office
  • Responsible for compiling county budgetary information for the various county departments and presenting it to the Board of Supervisors. Monitors county budget throughout the fiscal year
  • As Clerk to the Board of Supervisors, the County Auditor accepts petitions, registers complaints, and acts on routine business in the absence of the board. The County Auditor attends all board meetings, keeps and records minutes, and publishes the proceedings in the official county newspapers. The Auditor publishes bid notices, and solicits and receives contract proposals. Assists the Board of Supervisors in preparing the county's final budget package
  • In 1972, the County Auditor was given an additional title by the legislature, "Commissioner of Elections". In addition to federal, state and county elections, the Commissioner then assumed the duties of all city, school, and special elections
  • The Auditor's office receives nomination papers and public measures to be placed on ballot
  • The Commissioner supervises the printing of ballots and programming of voting machines as well as ordering all election supplies. The commissioner conducts schools of instruction according to law for all precinct election officials and is responsible for their employment on election day
  • Clerk of the Board of Election canvassers and special precinct board
  • As custodian of the election returns and records, the commissioner certifies the results to the state or local entity involved and issues certificates of election to the proper persons
  • The Commissioner prepares and monitors the processing of all the absentee ballots in order to aid voters who cannot be at the polls on election day
  • Keeps wage and withholding records for county employees. Generates and distributes payroll checks to county employees. Also, insurance policies and surety bonds are filed and maintained in the Auditor's office
  • Real estate records and assessments, drainage, bridge, and road records are maintained by the Auditor's office. The Auditor's office keeps records of all property ownership in the county and determines tax rates and property taxes for all taxable property based on valuations