GIS Coordinator Job Responsibilities and Duties

The GIS Coordinator will work in planning, organizing, and directing GIS activities within Des Moines County, Iowa. The coordinator will report to the Des Moines County GIS Commission Chair. Work involves responsibility for providing technical expertise and supervision for the day-to-day implementation and operation of GIS within the context of programs and policy directives.

Duties also include coordinating GIS activities of all departments, managing GIS vendor contracts, planning and organizing system development activities, and other GIS project management activities.

Other Activities

  • Manages GIS resources for Des Moines County. Determines user needs with input from user departments.
  • Manages contracts with GIS hardware, software, and data conversion vendors, and other providers of GIS products and services.
  • Assists in preparation of annual budget for GIS operations, capital expenditures, and professional services.
  • Work with and coordinate the Des Moines County GIS Committee.
  • Perform related work as required.

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