About the Office of the County Recorder

The office of County Recorder was created by the first Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Iowa in 1839. The basic duty of the County Recorder was to maintain official records of documents affecting title to real estate in order to preserve property rights and protect innocent third parties in real estate transactions. Since 1839, County Recorders have acquired more responsibilities such as Registrar of Vital Records, issuer of recreational vehicle registrations and hunting and fishing licenses

The County Recorder's Office is at the hub of the courthouse function to serve you. A significant portion of duties performed by other county officials is dependent on the work performed by your County Recorder.


Boat Renewals 2022-2025

  • Boat renewal transactions can be processed in any county.
  • The fees for boat renewals have not changed.
  • Boat registrations will expire May 1 the penalty fee of $5.00 will not be assessed until July.
  • Please bring in current registration to renew or mail registration plus $1.00 for postage.