GIS Data & Pricing Information

GIS Service Pricing

  • Custom Map Design Rate: $60 per hour ($15.00 minimum) Print Cost per page.
  • Standard Prints: Standard Prints only involve the media costs.
  • Geographic Analysis: Work related to database development, analysis, or manipulation will be billed at a rate of $100.00 per hour ($30.00 minimum).
  • Shipping: Appropriate postage will be added to all orders requiring shipping.
  • Alternate Formats: Maps can be delivered in digital formats. Custom map design and analysis rates would apply.

Cost Plain Paper
Photo Gloss Paper
MapLetter or Legal$1N/A
Map24" Roll$10$15
Map36" Roll$15$20
Map42" Roll$20$25

GIS Digital Data Costs

  • License Agreement: All data transactions require a single license agreement prior to delivery.
  • Data Format: The data will be provided in either shapefile or geodatabase format.
  • Coordinate System: All data will be delivered in Iowa State Plane South NAD83.
  • Payments: Make checks payable to Des Moines County GIS Commission.
  • Shipping: Media and shipping costs are included in the pricing below.
Real Estate
Selected Parcel Polygons without attached data$50; $0.01 per parcel
Parcel Polygons Countywide without attached data
Selected Parcel Polygons with attached data
$50; $0.05 per parcel
Parcel Polygons Countywide with attached data
Public Land Survey
Complete PLSS in Shapefile format
Administrative Boundaries
Political Townships and Corporate Limits
Voting Precinct
Schooling Districts
Fire Districts
TIF Districts
Zoning/Land Use
Flood Plain Data
County Road Centerlines (addressed)
Railroad Centerlines
Miscellaneous Layers
Any additional layers not listed
Contact for more information
Orthophotography (Countywide)
2015 Color Countywide Aerials (SID Format)
2015 Color Aerial Single Image (SID Format)
2015 Single Image conversion to desired format
2012 Color Countywide Aerials (SID Format)
2012 Color Aerial Single Image (SID Format)
2012 Individual JPEG Tiles 1 or .5 mile square
2010 Color Countywide Aerials (SID Format)
2010 Color Aerial Single Image (SID Format)
2010 Individual JPEG Tiles 1 or .5 mile square
2009 Color Countywide Aerials (SID Format)
2009 Color Aerial Single Image (SID Format)
2009 Individual JPEG Tiles 1 or .5 mile square

Cost Exempt List for Data Purchasing

The following types of organizations are exempt from GIS data costs. Exempt organizations are still required to sign a Geographic Datasets Licensing Agreement and may be subject to standard processing fees.

  • Des Moines County GIS Commission Member Entities
  • State Agency
  • Federal Agency
  • School District
  • Tax Supported University or Community College

Contractors may be granted access to the data at no cost if they are conducting work on behalf of an exempt organization. The exempt organization must make a formal request for the data and have a signed license agreement on file with the Des Moines County GIS Commission.