Boats, Snow, & ATVs


For the most current rules and regulations, visit the Department of Natural Resources website.

The Coast Guard now requires a model number on all boats.

Boat Registration Fees

Type / Length 3 Year
No Motor-No Sail$16.90
Motor Sail < 16 ft$27.40
Motor Sail 16 < 26 ft$40.90
Motor Sail 26 < 40 ft$79.90
Motor Sail 40$154.90
Jet Skis (PWC)$49.90
Documented Any Length$29.90

Please Note: All boat registrations expire April 30th every three years (2016, 2019 etc). The cost for a new boat registration will be prorated based on the year of registration. A $5.00 penalty is added to the fee for any expired registrations. Please bring current registration with you when renewing.

  • Transfer Fee for Boats:$3.75
  • Duplicate Registration Fee for Boats:$3.75

Boat Title Fees
Boat Titles are $12.75 each.
Boat Liens are $12.75 each.
All transfers of boats require a bill of sale from the seller stating:

  • Selling Price
  • Name & Address of the Seller
  • Name & Address of the Buyer
  • Signatures from both Buyer & Seller
  • Description of the Boat

Snowmobile & ATV's

Snowmobile & ATV Registrations

New and/or transferred recreational vehicles are registered with the Des Moines County Recorder. Renewals start in September. ATV and Snowmobile registrations expire on December 31st of each year. ATV's registered since January 2000, and snowmobiles registered since January 1998 must have a title.

The annual user fee is $17.75, valid January 1st through December 31st. A $5.00 penalty will be added to fees if not renewed prior to December 31st. Expired registrations are not valid. Owner's will be charged a $5.00 penalty for vehicles not transferred within 30 days from the purchase date in addition to the normal fees. (Refer to Code 321G.6)

  • Duplicate Registration Fee: $17.75
Snowmobile & ATV Titles/Liens
  • Title Fee: $11.50
  • Lien Fee: $11.50

Des Moines County ATV/UTV Ordinance