Real Estate

Recording Fees Effective July 1st

Document TypeCost for First PageCost per Additional Page
Affidavit$7.00+ $5.00
Change of Title*$7.00+ $5.00
Contracts*$7.00+ $5.00
Deeds*$7.00+ $5.00
Leases$7.00+ $5.00
Mortgages$7.00+ $5.00
Plats$7.00+ $5.00
Releases***$7.00+ $5.00
Trade Names$7.00+ $5.00
UCC$7.00+ $5.00

* In addition to the above recording fees, Deeds, Change of Name, Condemnations & Contracts require an additional $5.00 transfer fee for each separate parcel of real estate involved. $50.00 maximum fee.

*** A single Release containing more than one mortgage is subject to an additional $7.00 fee per additional mortgage.


Declaration of Value Form & Groundwater Hazard Forms

Declaration of Value Form & Groundwater Hazard forms are required of most Deeds, Contracts & Assignment of Contracts.

These online forms are available on the Recorder Real Estate Forms page.

Federal Tax Lien Search

$6.00 per name search, $5.00 per copied page of document.

Certification Fee

This fee pertains to all real estate documents; it does not include vital records. The fee is $5.00 for certification plus the copy fee costs.