Sheriff Press Release

September 23, 2019

Des Moines County Sheriff’s Office Critical Incident Community Briefing; Officer Involved Shooting Use of Force Found Justified by Attorney General’s Office

Des Moines County Attorney Lisa Schaefer released Assistant Attorney General Andrew Prosser’s report and findings regarding the September 11, 2019 officer involved shooting.  AG Prosser concluded that the officers’ use of deadly force was justified.  This critical incident community briefing is intended to provide the public with information regarding the officer involved shooting that occurred in Burlington on September 11, 2019.  This release is based on Assistant Attorney General Prosser’s report.  The Sheriff’s Office encourages the public to review the Attorney General’s report as to the facts and circumstances of this matter. 

The investigation concluded one shot struck Caleb and exited his body.  Assistant Attorney General Prosser’s report notes that the State Medical examiner performed an autopsy on Caleb, but it is unknown what caliber bullet struck him or caused his death.  Neither Deputy Beaird nor Deputy Luttenegger fired any shots from their firearms.  As a matter of standard practice in critical incidents, the Sheriff’s Office’s performs an administrative review of the incident, which is ongoing.  

            Sergeant Glendening’s patrol truck was equipped with an in-car camera system, which he manually activated upon encountering Caleb.  His video does not have audio for the first 30 seconds because the camera records for 30-seconds backwards from the time the camera is triggered.  Deputy Luttenegger and Deputy Beaird both had in-car cameras in their patrol vehicles. 

The Des Moines County Sheriff’s Office, in coordination with the Burlington Police Department and Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation, initiated contact with Caleb’s family to provide them the opportunity to watch the Sheriff’s Office’s squad car videos in advance of the anticipated release to the public given the Attorney General’s report. Members of the family have requested the County to limit its release of the videos out of respect for the family and their privacy. 

In advance of releasing any videos, a word of caution is necessary.  The images and information contained on the videos may be disturbing.  When a police officer uses force to secure a suspect or defend against an attack, it can be graphic and difficult to watch.  Additionally, strong language may be used by those shown in the videos.  Viewer discretion is advised, especially for young children and sensitive viewers.  

            The September 11, 2019 officer involved shooting is a tragedy for all involved.  Des Moines County asks that the public keep the family of Caleb, those impacted by this unfortunate event, as well as the many law enforcement officers, firefighters, emergency medical providers, and dispatchers who responded to the emergency incident in their thoughts.  Des Moines County appreciates the public’s support and cooperation during this time; all deputies have been returned to full-duty work.

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