Cottonwood Loop

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Cottonwood Loop is the farthest upstream (west) loop of Welter Recreation Area. It is a day-use/river access area and offers a picnic shelter, outhouse, and a gravel boat ramp that provides boat access to the Skunk River.

General boat ramp Rules:

  1. No camping
  2. No loitering
  3. No fires
  4. No littering
  5. Docks are for loading/unloading only
  6. Keep all vehicles on roadways or designated parking areas
  7. Do not obstruct access to ramp

Download Park Rules Brochure (PDF)


Cottonwood Loop can be found 1.1 miles west of Augusta on Skunk River Road.

Park Address:

18671 Skunk River Road
Wever, IA 52658