Sheriff Sales

All sales are conducted at 10:00am in the front lobby of the sheriff's office.

If you wish to bid on a property you will need to have a letter of credit from a local bank stating your credit line amount and it should also state that it will be valid through the date of the sale. The amount you bid will have to be in our office no later than 1:00pm the same day of the sale in the form of a cashier's check.

Make sure you do your homework on the property. Successful purchaser will assume back taxes. This information can be obtained through the Des Moines County Treasurer's Office. You should also check for liens against the property, which can be done through the Des Moines County Abstract Company. Check with your attorney on any other questions you should have.

A Certificate of Purchase or Deed will be issued to the successful bidder once payment is received. A Certificate of Purchase is issued only if there is a redemption period. A deed will be issued if there is no redemption period. Once you obtain the deed from our office you need to have it recorded at the Des Moines County Recorder's Office.

JUST A TIP: If you are interested in a property & the "Approx Amount" scares you as it may appear too high…….I would recommend that you go ahead and obtain your letter of credit from your local bank with the amount you wish to bid up to and come to the sale. Sometimes the property does go for less than the "Approx Amount". It also can go for more than the "Approx Amount". There are several factors that come into play with the mortgage companies bid. We will start the bidding process with the mortgage company's bid.

List of most Recent Sheriff Sales

For more information please contact 319-753-8289